Consulting Assistant

Job Title:
Consulting Assistant

General Position Description:
Consulting Assistants at Spotlight Safety work closely with Safety Consultants to develop, review, and customize safety program deliverables for our growing portfolio of life science, biotech, R&D, and technology clients. These deliverables include safety manuals, policy documents, signage and lab postings, memos, and newsletters. Other special projects may involve leading market analysis studies, reviewing municipal level regulatory requirements, copyediting templates and safety materials, organizing documents, creating safety equipment and supply lists, and developing social media posts.

While this position does not require independent client communication, there may be opportunities to participate in client meetings and observe the client-consultant relationship. Communication between Safety Consultants and Consulting Assistants involves a combination of web conferencing, phone calls, email correspondence, and text messaging.

This position is offered on a part-time, hourly basis. The hourly rate ranges from $15-$24/hr depending on experience.

Remote (100% Work from Home)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist Safety Consultants with the development, review, and customization of safety program deliverables, including safety manuals, policy documents, signage and lab postings, memos, and newsletters
  • Attend and take notes at select client and public safety meetings
  • Organize client specific documentation
  • Special projects developed in conjunction with Safety Consultants


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, or related scientific or environmental field preferred, Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in a safety field considered (Note: Candidates actively pursuing these degrees may be considered for summer, seasonal, or internship positions)
  • Familiarity with laboratory and R&D facilities preferred

Required Skills:

  • Exceptional attention to detail and organization
  • Strong communication, writing, and copyediting skills
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Versatility and adaptability in a variable work environment

Required Technologies:

  • Computer with Microsoft Office Suite and mobile phone (monthly stipend offered)
  • Reliable internet connection and mobile phone service (monthly stipend offered)


Interested in Applying?

  • Send your resume to with your name and the position in the subject line
  • Use the format First Name Last Name, Desired Job Title (e.g., Corey Martin, Safety Consultant)
  • We look forward to hearing from you!


Spotlight Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer.