Become An IBC Community Representative

About Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs)

Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) oversee biosafety research permit applications and renewals for organizations that are doing biological research. Most towns and cities in the Greater Boston area require IBCs, and many also require community representation.

About IBC Community Reps

When an IBC is required, community members are often also required to attend the meeting along with company personnel and give feedback and ask questions as needed. IBC Community Reps must typically be permanent residents of the town or city where the IBC is held so they can serve as a liaison between the research group and the local community. 

Time commitment: Virtual IBC meetings are about 45 minutes long and take place 1-2 times per year. Companies will work to schedule meetings around the rep’s schedule.

Qualifications: Reps must be 18 years or older and (in most cases) must be a permanent resident of the city where the IBC is taking place. Reps do not have to have a science background – all walks of life, occupations, etc. are acceptable. However, reps cannot be family members/have financial interest in the client company, and cannot be vendors in the industry.

Locations: Spotlight Solutions is currently searching for reps for our Boston, Burlington, Cambridge, Lexington, Lowell, Marlborough, Natick, Newton, Somerville, and Watertown clients.

Additional Info: For virtual meetings, reps serve on a purely voluntary basis. For in-person meetings, compensation can be given in the form of payment for transportation, parking, childcare, food/beverages at the meeting, or local restaurant gift cards. Most IBC meetings are virtual. 

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